Good for everyone

HorseDates Save time and money on printing/copying schedules.
HorseDates Notify competitors as soon as possible of your date(s) and add schedules when available.
HorseDates Save time/money on advertising in journals where people can't see the classes or access the schedule etc.
HorseDates Judge your likely response/numbers by seeing how many people have viewed/printed your schedule(s).
HorseDates Save time by not having to send out schedules or place them in the local tack shop, saddlery etc.

HorseDates No more wasted postage (a typical SAE schedule now costs almost 1 each time).
HorseDates Ability to check on information right up to the last minute.
HorseDates Plan your season in advance.
HorseDates Everything in one place - No more 'trawling around' various websites to find event details.

HorseDates Considerably cheaper than Magazine Advertising.
HorseDates Direct link to the Advertisers' website (to a page of their choice).
HorseDates Unlike magazines, the advert appears every time a potential purchaser visits the page on HorseDates.
HorseDates The position of your advert is constantly changing so visitors dont become 'blind' to your advert.
HorseDates Constantly changing content increases the likelihood of visitors being interested in your product at the right time.

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